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What is Distributed Computing?

Some use cases require computing power far beyond the capabilities of a single computer. This is where distributed computing comes in.  Distributed computing consists in distributing the need for computing power, for a project, in small entities called “work units”, on as many distinct computers constituting a network.  With the "  distributed computing  » it is a question, each time, of exploiting the distributed resources of several thousands or millions  computers  for the benefit of a

Associated services

Extraordinary power

Have thousands of CPUs and hundreds of GPUs for your most compute-intensive tasks.

​Integrated with your tools

Don't worry about technical constraints: our calculation system  distributed  can be integrated directly into the software you use.


Thanks to our distributed infrastructure, we ensure the execution of your projects in all circumstances.


We have automated  deployment and  scaling up via an open source orchestrator to guarantee you flawless elasticity.

Our distributed computing technology

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