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A powerful virtual PC for all your CAD software

Do you need a workstation powerful enough to run your CAD programs (SolidWorks, FreeCAD, AutoCAD, CATIA, etc.)? With Tresorio, you can turn any device into a powerful workstation.

The powerful  PC that you deserve

Whatever 3D rendering software you use, we have the solution for you.

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Cloud PC

An ultra-powerful PC accessible from your browser to support all your software, whether you are on Windows, Linux or Mac.

CAD package

Are you an architect, designer, head of a design office? The CAD Pack is for you. Access your powerful PC whenever you want: a workstation  equipped with a dedicated graphics card, 16 processors and 24 GB of Ram. Click to learn more about the virtual PC and discover our other packs.


349€ /month*

Choice of OS

16 vCPU

1 dedicated RTX 5000 GPU

24 GB Ram

*with 12 month commitment

Our subscriptions

Benefit from reduced rates  by committing yourself annually, and benefit from a 10% reduction for any advance payment of your subscription.

Control your carbon impact

Thanks to our patented infrastructure, when you use our services, the heat emitted by our computer servers is recycled and supplies hot water to buildings. Thus, we reduce the carbon impact of our activities, while producing digital energy.

Simplify your task

This is your Service description. Use this space to describe what the service entails, benefits for users and any other important information.

Gain in productivity

When doing CAD, you are often limited by the equipment you own. No more lags and delays in delivery, at Tresorio, we provide you with a powerful virtual PC, accessible from your own PC, to run all your CAD software and ensure the delivery of your projects on time.

A powerful and accessible solution

Do you only have specific needs or are you not yet ready to commit? Pay by the minute  !

Configure your workstation  tailor-made and get an estimate of its hourly cost.

Discover our virtualization technology

If you have more specific needs, you have the option of paying by the minute of use. Discover below the  rate  hourly  of each component:

A specific need?



Minimum configuration  4 AMD EPYC CPUs

Maximum configuration 32 AMD EPYC CPUs



Minimum configuration 1 Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU

Maximum configuration 4 Nvidia RTX 4000 GPUs



Minimum configuration 50 GB of SSD storage

Maximum configuration 4000 GB of SSD storage



Bandwidth offered

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