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To meet the challenges of the ecological and digital transition, Tresorio has developed an industrial boiler powered by the Cloud.  In partnership with the French Group  Dalkia ,  we have developed a patented concept of eco-responsible micro data center, called  DigHeat, which  recovers, stores and reuses 100% of the heat emitted by the computer servers that we rent through  our cloud platform .


The heat from the servers is recycled in the form of domestic hot water to heat the buildings that need it, and this, in the heart of our French cities. Thanks to DigHeat, we bring computing power closer to users, and contribute to creating a new source of recovered energy accessible to any type of building: digital energy.

What is DigHeat?

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A few figures


heat produced by computer servers is recycled in the form of hot water. Cloud-powered green heat!


This is the temperature necessary to supply so-called sanitary hot water and thus be able to supply homes with hot water.


The PUE* of the DigHeat is less than 1. And yes, these are things that happen ;-)

DigHeat by Tresorio

In partnership with the french Group Dalkia,  we have patented an  autonomous and eco-friendly micro data center, called  DigHeat, which consists of latest generation servers (CPU/GPU).

Discover our  solutions

All digital energy producers

As a user  of our cloud services, you have  access to data such as the rate of use of the resources you rent, their electricity consumption, or the volume of water you  participate  to heat. Join us and become a digital energy producer!

+ than 1000 producers

of digital energy, and more and more of you are committing to us!

+ 500 Tons of Co2


+ 250K showers

5min at 37°C


buildings equipped with a DigHeat

A water  to +  60°C

DigHeat provides you with a  domestic hot water at more than 60°C and can thus be integrated into all types of buildings directly on the domestic hot water circuit.

Reduction of Co2 emissions

Our recycling and circular economy system reduces the energy consumption of buildings and improves their carbon footprint.

Our public Cloud,

your private Cloud

Each DigHeat powers our public cloud. We can also integrate your on-premise servers if you want to buy a DigHeat and host  your own private cloud with ease.

Where you are

DigHeat can be placed wherever you want. It does not require any prior development work, only a connection to the domestic hot water and electrical circuits.

Contact us at the following address

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