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We do not pool mined cryptocurrencies. At Tresorio, you mine directly on your wallet!

Your next generation mining farm


At any time, you can change the cryptocurrency to be mined, the mining pool or the number of GPUs in your farm.


Our virtual mining farms are made up of NVidia 2080Ti graphics cards

Dedicated resources

Thanks to our data encryption system, your data is safe and will always be accessible within your personal space.​


Thanks to our  DigHeat™ , 100% of the heat generated by cryptocurrency mining is transformed into hot water and helps to heat buildings.​

Easy as pie!

We couldn't find better than a video tutorial to give you a demo:

Get an estimate  hashrate and  of your income:


We provide two types of graphics cards, with different performance and prices 



331€ /month*

1 dedicated NVidia 2080 Ti GPU

Cryptocurrency to mine of your choice

Mining software and pool of your choice

*with 12 month commitment


On demand

Are you looking to simply deploy your mining farm?

Ours can even heat your premises!  We are at your disposal to discuss your project and offer you a tailor-made solution!

Discover our distributed computing technology 

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