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If you have more specific needs, you have the option of paying by the minute of use. Discover below the  rate  hourly  of each component:

A specific need? Pay as you go.

Min configuration  4 vCPUs

Max configuration  32 vCPU


€ 0,08/h

Min configuration  1 GPU

Max configuration  4 GPUs


€ 0,54/h

Min configuration  50 GB

Max configuration  4000 GB


€ 0,005/h

Bandwidth offered




If you have recurring needs or a long-term project, we recommend the following subscription plans:

A recurring need? Consult our subscription formulas

Tailor-made & flexible

Customize your server component by component (RAM, CPU, GPU, SSD)  and choose your OS.​


Observe the activity of your virtual machine in real time: from resource usage (RAM, CPU) to disk and network performance.​


Add up to 4 GPUs to your virtual machine and enjoy low  latency.

Backup management

We offer you a personal storage space of 50GB to store  backups of your machines. You can find them in your personal storage space.


Pack L

€1700 /month*

Choice of OS

32 vCPU

4 GPUs

128 GB Ram

4 To SSD storage

*with 12 month commitment

Learn more

Pack S

€45 /month*

Choice of OS

4 vCPU

4 GB Ram

50 GB SSD storage

*with 12 month commitment

Learn more


On demand

Do you want to deploy a fleet of virtual PCs within your company? We are at your disposal to discuss your project and offer you a tailor-made solution!

contact us

Your custom made virtual machine

The ideal solution to put all your projects into production, in complete autonomy. Configure your custom server and access it in minutes.

Discover our virtualization technology

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