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Cryptocurrency mining

Are you looking for a way to mine your cryptocurrency in an easy and efficient way? Do you lack the time, skills or simply the equipment to build your own rig? Tresorio takes care of everything!

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Yassine K.

Customer Support

Control your carbon impact

Thanks to our patented infrastructure, the heat released by our servers to mine cryptocurrencies is recycled to heat buildings. The carbon impact is therefore less.

It's clear

We simplify your access to this type of service by virtualizing  the  necessary equipment, but do not carry out any transaction. Your mining earnings will be paid directly to you by the pool you have chosen.

Free yourself from material constraints

Mining cryptocurrencies can seem complex. With Tresorio, launch your virtual mining farm in just a few clicks and receive your earnings directly without worrying about hardware constraints.

A solution  simple and really responsible!

Discover our product

Whatever 3D rendering software you use, we have the solution for you.

GPU mining farm

Mine cryptocurrency without owning servers, it's possible. With Tresorio, create a virtual mining farm in seconds to mine your  favorite cryptocurrency, and receive your winnings directly from the pool of your choice.

Discover our distributed computing technology 

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