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Our integrations

Stream your PC with Reemo or Moonlight, and play together or work remotely  Thanks to Parsec!

Your tailor-made Cloud PC

An ultra-powerful virtual PC accessible from your browser to support all your software, whether you are on Windows, Linux or Mac.


Benefit from reduced rates  by committing yourself annually, and benefit from a 10% reduction for any advance payment of your subscription.



349€ /month*

Recommended for CAD, Gaming

Choice of OS

16 vCPU

1 dedicated RTX 5000 GPU

24 GB Ram

*with 12 month commitment


89€ /month*

Recommended for office automation

Choice of OS

8 vCPUs

1 dedicated AMD 580 GPU

12 GB Ram

*with 12 month commitment


On demand

Do you want to deploy a fleet of virtual PCs within your company? We are at your disposal to discuss your project and offer you a tailor-made solution!

A Cloud PC, for what?

Do you have a fixed PC that is dated or simply not compatible with the software you need?

Your computer hardware is not powerful enough to support your games online or your 3D software?

You are designers, architects, students and you use very heavy software like AutoCAD, Indesign, Sketchup,  Archicad, TVpaint, Maya… and you want to access them from home on your personal PC/Mac? 


Do you need the power of graphics cards and low latency to stream your games?


The software you use needs graphics cards to run  Or are they only available on certain OS?


Are you looking to virtualize your work environment?

Discover our virtualization technology

Simplified administration

Your Cloud PC is delivered to you ready to use: you have no  update to do,  nothing to install except your favorite software and peripherals.


Streaming (fps), latency, power  up to 4  GPUs


When you are not using your virtual PC, consider archiving it so that you can relaunch it later without effort.

Whatever OS you need to run your software, we have a solution. 


The distributed and responsible infrastructure model developed by Tresorio allows us to provide our customers with greater security.

Frank Seimann

President, Systema Strategy


We integrated Parsec: a solution of  remote desktop to connect to your work, games or projects wherever you are, whenever you want.


To allow you to take advantage of the full power of Tresorio machines, we have integrated the solution of our partner  Reemo:  you simply and securely access your remote PC wherever you are, whatever your device, from your web browser.


Moonlight  is an open source implementation of NVIDIA's GameStream protocol that  It allows you to  to play your PC games on almost any device, whether you're in another room or miles away from your gaming rig.

Remote office

The Microsoft Remote Desktop Solution  It allows you to  to use and control a remote PC, to  do with a virtual PC everything you can do with a physical PC.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to establish a remote connection to your home or work computer, or share your screen with other users.

If you have more specific needs, you have the option of paying by the minute of use. Discover below the  rate  hourly  of each component:

A specific need?

Minimum requirements  4 AMD EPYC CPUs

Maximum configuration 32 AMD EPYC CPUs


€ 0.08/h

Minimum configuration 1 Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU

Maximum configuration 4 Nvidia RTX 4000 GPUs


€ 0.54/h

Minimum configuration 50 GB of SSD storage

Maximum configuration 4000 GB of SSD storage


€ 0.005/h

Bandwidth offered



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