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An indoor CBD growing chamber powered by Bitcoin in France

Press Release

Metz, France - February 02, 2023.

An indoor CBD growing chamber powered by Bitcoin in France

Tresorio, a French start-up specialising in sustainable digital infrastructure, and White Label Industry & Co, a french CBD producer, announce a partnership to revolutionise indoor growing.

The current energy crisis and rising energy costs are causing stress in all sectors, especially the agricultural sector. White Label Industry & Co, a French CBD producer based in France, started up an indoor CBD growing chamber on January 15 2023. Indoor cultivation is an energy-intensive process that requires constant care, temperature stability, and heating between 18° and 24°C. With no choice but to heat to get quality plants and meet their commitments, White Label Industry & Co called on Tresorio to test the MinIT technology as a heating solution for their new grow room.

MinIT is a water heater that works like a conventional electric water heater, except that it produces heat that it recycles from bitcoin mining. Equipped with a hot water tank, it stores the heat it produces and is able to release it when needed. The mining chips in it perform billions of calculations and help to mine new Bitcoin that the customer collects, while providing heat that is recycled by MinIT to heat the desired space.

So why not heat while getting paid? That's the bet taken by the founders of White Label Industry & Co. In concrete terms, Tresorio has installed its MinIT 80 water heater in an 80m2 growth chamber. It supplies heat and operates autonomously. It is connected to an air heater (with a very low energy consumption) located inside the growth chamber, which creates warm air and distributes the heat produced by MinIT in an optimal way. During the day, the lamps are switched on and give off heat. During this time MinIT produces more heat than the grow room consumes, and this excess energy is stored in the tank to be released at night when the lamps are switched off. MinIT provides stable heat that limits heat loss. This reduces the overall consumption of the grow room and improves the growing conditions.

Key figures and information

White Label Industry & Co's grow room has been using MinIT technology since 27 January 2023. The MinIT heater replaces a 5kW electric heating system.

  • Prior to MinIT, heating was provided via two 2.5kW electric heaters: a standard system but one that has the disadvantage of drying out the air, providing an unstable temperature and propagating poorly, implying stress for the plants.

  • Cost of heating: €10.15 per day

  • With MinIT

  • Characteristics of MinIT 80:

  • Electricity consumption of MinIT 80: 77kWh/d

  • Thermal production of MinIT 80: 71kWh

  • Thermal power of MinIT 80: 3kW

  • Heating cost: €10.01 per day

  • Mining earnings since start-up: €6.72 or 0.00031 Bitcoin per day

  • Reduction of the daily heating bill of €6.85. (-67%)

  • A daily bill reduced to €3.30.

Promising first observations

Inès Fischbach explains that with MinIT, the heat is better distributed and the temperatures more stable, which means less stress for the plants. "We have seen better growth in the leaves, which have recovered better and have gained 5 to 10cm of growth since the installation of MinIT, which is double the expected growth". By using MinIT, White Label Industry & Co aims to optimise its energy consumption, reduce its bill, improve its energy efficiency, and monitor its energy use in more detail. The company hopes to achieve its goal of sustainable CBD production in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

With this technological innovation, companies can take advantage of a sustainable and cost-effective heat source for their greenhouses, while helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the bitcoin mining industry. MinIT offers a practical solution for companies looking to optimise their energy consumption while maintaining optimal growing conditions.

"We are delighted to partner with MinIT to help revolutionise indoor growing," says Ines Fischbach co-manager of White Label Industry & Co]. "Our goal is to produce CBD responsibly and sustainably, and by using MinIT's technology, we are able to plan for the future with more confidence."

"We are pleased that our technology is improving the quality of White Label Industry & Co's crops while allowing them to reduce the cost of heating their facility," says Jonathan Klein, CEO and co-founder of Tresorio. "Our technology helps companies optimise their energy consumption and achieve sustainable goals. We are confident that our collaboration with White Label Industry & Co will contribute to a more sustainable future for CBD production and the agricultural sector more broadly."

About Tresorio

Founded in 2016, Tresorio was a pioneer in Europe and the first cloud mining company in France. In 2019, Tresorio created DigHeat, a digital energy industrial boiler co-patented with Dalkia group, its historical partner. Tresorio has since participated in producing heat for a hospital, a factory, and recently social housing in France.

In September 2022, Tresorio is launching MinIT, an innovative, high-performance, and efficient heating solution that can be integrated into homes and businesses. Thanks to its unique technologies, Tresorio makes digital heat useful and fights, in the real world, against the dependence on fossil fuels.

MinIT website Tresorio website MinIT on Twitter Tresorio on Twitter Tresorio on Instagram

About White Label Industry & Co

White Label Industry & Co is a French wholesaler, producer and reseller of CBD products, which focuses on producing high quality products in a responsible and sustainable manner.

The company markets its products under a white label for professionals and under the Entre Nous brand for individuals via online sales on its e-commerce site, and via a first franchise in Corsica.

e shop Entre Nous Entre Nous on Facebook Entre Nous on Instagram White Label Industry and Co on Facebook

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