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“Climate Act”: Tresorio is committed to the climate

Tresorio joins the Climate Act, a collective of more than 230 companies that are concretely committed to the climate.

What’s “Climate Act” about?

This is a commitment made by French companies to take action against global warming. By signing the “Climate Act”, Tresorio is making three concrete commitments for the climate:

  • Carry out a complete carbon footprint

  • Publish the findings

  • Take action to limit our emissions.

The action of all is necessary: ​​that of citizens, that of States, but also that of companies. The latter, by their place and by their weight, have a crucial and historical role to play. And the first thing to do to act effectively is to measure your carbon footprint.

Why are we joining it?

Because eco-responsibility is in Tresorio’s DNA. We offer an accessible, eco-responsible and innovative alternative to the giants of the market, and work every day to develop more virtuous technological solutions for the environment. The current climate context requires us to be truly aware of the environmental impact of our IT systems, and in particular the Cloud.

Data centers are energy sinks, both in terms of their electricity consumption and their energy-intensive cooling systems, and although they remain indispensable with the development of the cloud, they are no longer an environmentally sustainable solution.

One of our main challenges is to minimize our carbon footprint and by extension that of the Cloud of the future that we are designing. So what could be more natural for Tresorio than to sign the Climate Act to join this primordial cause.

Because it is urgent to act, and to set an example: “Despite the climate emergency, only companies with more than 500 employees, barely 5% of French companies, are required to assess part of their greenhouse gas emissions” (La Tribune, April 21, 2021). This is why we have decided to join companies such as BlaBlaCar, Back Market, Evaneos, Le slip français, Malt, Openclassrooms, Payfit, Swile, Ulule and even Vestiaire Collective in their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

You too, join the collective signing the Climate Act!

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