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Dalkia recovers heat from Tresorio's computer servers to heat Mercy Hospital

Press release - 12 July 2018

Sylvie Jéhanno, Chairman and CEO of Dalkia, Marie-Odile Saillard, Director of the Metz-Thionville Regional Hospital, and Loïc Gorka, Managing Director of the start-up Tresorio, inaugurated a pilot digital boiler at the Mercy Hospital (Metz-Thionville Regional Hospital) on Thursday 12 July 2018.

The digital boiler designed by Dalkia and the start-up Tresorio consists of computer servers whose heat is recycled to heat part of the domestic hot water (DHW) used to provide comfort at the Mercy hospital. Tresorio supplies Dalkia with the computer servers, which perform calculations for companies and individuals without storing their data. The computer server racks, which consume about 10 kW of electricity each, are kept at an optimal temperature by a water cooling system. Dalkia recovers the heat from this water using a thermal module to supply competitive and environmentally friendly energy to the Mercy Hospital of the CHR Metz-Thionville.

The digital boiler contributes to the energy transition by recovering the so-called "waste heat" emitted by computer servers. This innovation also provides a response to the challenges of digital technology, by offering an infrastructure that consumes less energy than data centres, and by limiting the carbon footprint of the data processing facilities that are becoming increasingly numerous in the era of Big Data.

Marie-Odile Saillard, Director of CHR Metz-Thionville, said: "CHR Metz-Thionville has always been at the forefront of new technologies. With this new pilot project, we are choosing to innovate by hosting the first digital boiler from Dalkia and Tresorio, always keen to save energy and make the most of renewable energies."

Sylvie Jéhanno, President and CEO of Dalkia, said: "The digital boiler, designed in partnership with the French start-up Tresorio, is an innovation at the heart of the energy and digital revolution. It draws on Dalkia's expertise in the field of healthcare and heat recovery to provide green, competitive energy to the Metz-Thionville Regional Hospital. This installation makes the hospital a smart building at the heart of the circular economy."

Loïc Gorka, Managing Director of Tresorio, said: "The digital boiler, designed in partnership with Dalkia, is a virtuous and efficient solution. It limits the energy consumption of our computer servers thanks to an innovative water cooling system, and heats the buildings thanks to heat recovery by Dalkia. We are very proud to contribute, through this partnership, to the greening of our facilities."

Key figures

  • 80,000 kWh of recovered energy produced by the digital boiler

  • 60°C of continuous hot water

  • 5 to 50 kW of continuous power from a server rack

  • Less than 1 m² of floor space

Dalkia, working with you to accelerate your sustainable energy performance

Dalkia, a subsidiary of the EDF Group, supports its customers in their energy transformation through its two businesses: the development of local renewable energies and energy savings. Dalkia offers its customers tailor-made solutions for each building, each city, each community, each region and each industrial site to help them meet the challenge of energy transition. Dalkia enables its customers to benefit from complete control over the entire energy chain, from energy supply to optimising their consumption, including maintenance and control of their facilities. About Tresorio

Founded in 2016, Tresorio is a company specialising in blockchain technology, a global database for storing and transmitting information without a controlling body. Tresorio has developed expertise in deploying decentralised computing infrastructure, crypto-currency wallet management and heat recovery from GPU computing servers. Contact: Dalkia Groupe : Tiphaine Croville – – 01 71 00 78 28 CHR Metz-Thionville : Gautier Leclercq – – 03 87 55 79 04 Tresorio : Pauline Leg – Follow Tresorio on social networks to keep up to date with our news: Follow @TresorioCloud #pressrelease #tresorio #digitaltransition #microdatacenter #inauguration #digitalboiler #heatrecovery #energytransition #Dalkia #sanitarywater #cloud #hospital #digitalpollution #cloudcomputing #Greencomputing

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