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Dalkia recovers heat from Tresorio’s servers to heat the water in a french building in Montluçon

Press release – June 4th 2021

The experiment will last until 2023. The aim is to provide competitive and virtuous energy to the residents of the 48 homes in this residence.

The DigHeat digital boiler, designed by Dalkia and the start-up Tresorio, consists of computer servers whose heat is recycled to heat part of the domestic hot water (DHW). The heat is used to provide comfort for the residents of the 48 housing units in the Mage residence managed by Montluçon Habitat.

Tresorio is providing Dalkia with its computer servers, whose heat production is ensured by the use of Tresorio’s cloud services. DigHeat, which contains eight servers, produces an average of 10 kW and has a storage capacity of 1,500 litres, allowing it to store 87 kW of hot water at 63°C, the equivalent of 139 showers at 37°C for five minutes each day.

The technology developed by Dalkia and Tresorio makes it possible to recover and store the heat from this water and provide competitive and environmentally friendly energy to the residents of this Montluçon Habitat building.

The digital boiler contributes to the energy transition by recovering the so-called “waste heat” emitted by computer servers. This innovation also provides a response to the challenges of digital technology, by offering an infrastructure that consumes less energy than data centres and by limiting the carbon footprint of data processing facilities, which are increasingly numerous in the era of Big Data.

Roselyne VAVRA, Director of Montluçon Habitat, said: “With this pilot project, which is a first in the Allier region, Montluçon Habitat is choosing to innovate by hosting the digital boiler from Dalkia and Tresorio, with the aim of using low-carbon energy and enabling the residents of this residence to save energy.

Jérôme Aguesse, Director of Dalkia’s Centre-East region, said: “The DigHeat digital boiler, designed in partnership with the French start-up Tresorio, is an innovation at the heart of the energy and digital revolution. It draws on Dalkia’s expertise in heat recovery to provide Montluçon Habitat with green, competitive energy. This installation makes this social building a smart building at the heart of the circular economy.”

Jonathan KLEIN, president of Tresorio, said: “The DigHeat installed in the Mage residence will allow us to test in real conditions the many improvements made to our system in recent years. Thanks to this new deployment, the residents will be able to benefit from cheaper and greener hot water as well as privileged access to a local Cloud service.

Key figures:

  • 1,500 litres: the storage capacity of the DigHeat, i.e. 139 showers of 5-minute at 37°C every 24 hours.

  • 48 social housing units in the Mage residence in Montluçon will benefit from this innovation.

Press inquiries:

Tresorio – Pauline Leg – Dalkia – Pascale Ceccaldi – +33 (0)6 09 17 68 17

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