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How to access your Windows virtual machine?

Are you looking for a Windows remote desktop solution? Whether you work on Mac, PC or tablet, Tresorio provides teleworkers with a solution for coupling a virtual machine to a Windows remote desktop.


Watch the video tutorial or read the steps below:

Log into your account on Tresorio platform

Log on to

Compose your custom Windows virtual machine

Once connected to your Tresorio account, your dashboard will be displayed. To create your remote desktop, click on configure your first virtual machine:

Name your virtual machine, choose Windows as the operating system, and select the components you want to add to your virtual machine (CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD).

To validate your setup, click on confirm:

It may take a few seconds for your server to appear. When your server is ready, click on the name of the virtual machine you have just created to view its characteristics:

When your server is ready, click on the name of the virtual server you have just created to view its characteristics:

Click on the IP address to copy it.

Connect to your Windows virtual PC

From Mac, iOS or Android

Download the “Microsoft Remote desktop” application:

Microsoft Remote Desktop App

Log in using the IP address you just copied (PC name), and delete admin@ at the beginning of the IP address. Click add.

Your Windows virtual machine is ready:

Click on it and then accept the security certificate:

Congratulations! You are now connected from your Mac to your super powerful Windows remote desktop and can use it like your regular computer.

From Windows

If you are using a Windows computer, simply launch the Windows “Remote Desktop Connection” tool. Enter the IP address of your virtual machine (it can be found in the email received or on your dashboard) and click Connect.

Connexion bureau à distance

Type the password you’ve entered when creating your virtual machine. Click Continue.

Congratulations! You are now connected to your super powerful Windows virtual machine and can use it like your regular computer.

How to activate the remote desktop?

Make sure to activate Remote Desktop in Windows 10. If you have the Home Edition version of Windows, here is a tutorial which gives you the procedure to allow RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol or Remote Desktop): How to use Windows 10 Remote Desktop in Windows Home (RDP)

Open the Start menu and click on the Settings button:

Within Windows Settings, click System:

Then on the left, click on Remote Desktop, and then on the button under Activate Remote Desktop to activate:

Looking for an alternative solution?

With our partner Reemo, we also provide you with a brand new solution to access your Windows 10 virtual desktop, test it here.

Do you prefer Linux? We thought of you too: click here for Fedora, or here for Ubuntu

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