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How to deploy a Virtual Machine on Tresorio Cloud?

Why choose Tresorio?

Our VPS are the ideal compromise for putting all your projects into production, which you can manage independently. With our solution, you have access to :

  • a custom VPS

  • an unlimited bandwidth

  • a public IPv4 is provided to you (all ports open)

  • Your VM metrics

Moreover, thanks to our micro data centers that act like digital boiler, 100% of the computing power you consume is turned into hot water and helps heat buildings.


Let’s see how to deploy a Virtual Private Server in Tresorio Cloud.

Take a look at our video tutorial or read our blog post below.

Create your VPS

On your welcome dashboard, click on the “Configure your first VPS” button to create your Virtual Private Server.

créez votre vps sur Tresorio

Choose your configuration

Name your server, choose your operating system and set up your VPS by choosing CPU, GPU, memory and storage. You will see on the right an estimated hourly price for the configuration you’ve chosen.

configurez votre vps sur tresorio

Confirm your VPS set up

Confirm your VPS set up by clicking on the “Create server” button. You will be notified when your VPS will be ready to use. Don’t forget to change your password as soon as possible.

créer un nouveau vps sur tresorio

création du vps tresorio

Your VPS is now ready to use!

You can pause and resume your VPS at any time. Your configuration will be saved and you will only pay when your server is running.

vps tresorio prêt

Monitor your VPS in real time

Click on your server’s name and get access to its dedicated page. Click on your server’s IP adress to copy it your clipboard.

Monitor in real time your VPS activity in the “Metrics” tab.

usage des ressources du vps tresorio

Track your disk and network performances and check your resources usage (CPU, RAM)

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