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How to store your data on Tresorio?

Why choose our solution?

Are you looking for a secure storage space for your data? Is your computer out of storage and you are looking for a simple, efficient and affordable solution? Create your own storage space with Tresorio and store your data, organise your files and share them with your colleagues, friends or family members. Discover our storage solution from €8.99 per month.

What type of file can you store?

On Tresorio, you can store all types of files (your photographs, videos, documents, music files, etc.). In order to be able to size your storage space according to your files to be stored, we have included some examples in this article.


Log in to using your credentials or create an account here.

Once you are connected to the Tresorio platform, click on “Storage” in the main menu or on the “storage” part on the right of your dashboard.

Create your first storage space

In order to store and share your data, you will first need to set up your first storage space.

N.B.: By creating your storage space, you will be the only one to own it and you will also be the only one to be charged for it.

Set up your storage space

Click on “Create a storage space” from the platform’s homepage or via the “+” button in the “Storage” menu. Then name it (in lower case), select the number of terabytes of storage you need (up to 20TB), and choose the number of people you want to share it with (up to 50).

You will find the summary of your storage space in the right-hand window. Finally, click on the “Confirm” button to go to the next step.

Choose to commit or not, and when you will pay

Once you have set up your storage space, you can choose whether or not to commit to it (for a period of 3 to 12 months). You also have the option to choose when to pay (monthly or by prepayment).

First, select a commitment and the desired billing cycle (i.e. when you want to pay):

Then select a payment method and fill in your billing information.

Finally, click on “Confirm purchase”. You will be redirected to the storage space you have just created.

Start storing your files

Import your files into your storage space

To start storing your files, click on “Import your files” to upload a file or folder to your storage space.

An “Upload successful” notification will notify you of the successful import. You will then see your file appear in the previously created storage space.

Create a folder in your storage space

If you want to organise and classify your data, you can also create a folder in your storage space beforehand and then import your files into it.

To do this, click on the “Create a folder” button. Name your folder, then click on the “confirm” button.

Once the folder is visible in your storage space, you can access it by clicking on it.

Click on the folder to import files into it. Once in the folder, click on “Import your files” or “Create a folder” depending on what you want to do.

To delete folders (or files) within a storage space, click on the recycle bin to the right of your folder (or file) name.

To download a file or a folder, click on the “download” button to the right of your file or folder name. You will then download your file or folder in .zip format.

Please note that if you import a file directly into a storage space without first creating a folder to import it into, you will not be able to move your file into the folder, you will have to import it again into the folder you have created.

Are you using our virtual machines or our Cloud Rendering service?

If you have Tresorio virtual machines in use or archived, you will be able to find the data (backup) of these virtual machines in your “Personal” storage space. The same is true if you are using our 3D render farm.

As these files are linked to your use of our Cloud services, they cannot be deleted. In order to ensure a secure storage of these data, we offer you 50GB within this personal space.

Do you want to share your storage space?

If, when you created your storage space, you decided to share it with other people, you will be able to invite them to collaborate on it.

To do this, click on “Your members” in the left-hand side menu:

You will then have access to the list of your collaborators who have access to your storage space. You will be the first contact to appear in this list with owner status. Note that if you are the person who creates this space, you will necessarily be the owner and will not be able to change your status.

Invite people to collaborate

To share your storage space with a colleague, friend or family member, click on “Add member”. Then enter the e-mail address of the person you want to invite and determine their rights. You can choose between “Administrator” and “User”. An administrator will have access to your storage space, can import new files and invite collaborators. A user will have access to your storage space to import files and upload files already stored there.

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