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September 20, 2022 - Tresorio launches MinIT, a bitcoin-powered water heater for households.

Since 2016, Tresorio has been working to put digital technology at the service of the common good. To do this, the Greentech company combines its know-how in the field of infrastructure and software to make digital heat useful to everyone. After DigHeat, its eco-responsible mini data centre patented with its partner, the Dalkia Group, Tresorio is launching MinIT, a bitcoin-powered water heater for households .

How does MinIT work?

MinIT is an innovative, high-performance and efficient heating solution that can be integrated into homes and businesses. Connected to an diesel fuel or gas system, MINIT recycles the heat produced by Bitcoin mining to supplement the main heating system, while producing cryptocurrencies.

Instead of a conventional resistor, which only produces heat by consuming electricity, MINIT contains hundreds of computer chips. These chips, which heat up as soon as they are supplied with electricity, perform billions of calculations and help to produce new Bitcoins. When connected to a gas or diesel fuel heating system, MINIT allows for smart electricity conversion while monetizing its consumption through the Bitcoin network. By mining Bitcoin with MINIT, you heat yourself and get paid for it.

Why choose MinIT?

Reduce gas or fuel consumption

MinIT produces additional electrical heat on demand, reducing the consumption of the main heating system. Its main aim is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels (diesel fuel, gas), whose prices are rising sharply.

Reducing CO2 emissions

MinIT avoids the emission of more than 1 kg of CO2 per hour of operation. By switching to an electric heating system, CO2 emissions are reduced by 11.5 tonnes per MinIT per year (based on the French energy mix and compared to an diesel fuel heating system).

Opt for the most cost-effective heating solution

o With MinIT you spend on average 12€/day on your heating. And you get back between 7 and 50€ per day in the form of Bitcoin*.

o By keeping the mined bitcoins, you will accumulate about 0.4 bitcoin in 3 years*, or €100,000 if the price of bitcoin reaches €250,000.

*1 The profitability of Bitcoin mining fluctuates significantly. The calculation is based on the average profitability over the last 4 years. This is an indication: Past performance does not guarantee future results. *2 under the conditions observed in July 2022. The number of BTC produced daily depends on the evolution of the network power, the amount of the reward per block and the transaction fees.

Premium user experience

o A touch screen for optimal navigation: MinIT is equipped with a full HD 12" touch screen to provide a powerful and comfortable experience. Located on the top of the MinIT, it allows you to control all the parameters of the water heater at a glance.

o Flexibility: it is possible at any time to change the crypto-currency to be mined among Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), or DigiByte (DGB) through the MinIT monitoring screen.

o Useful information on heat consumption and Bitcoin production: MinIT's monitoring interface allows you to observe heat consumption, cryptocurrency production, and the instant profitability of each cryptocurrency (updated in real time) to adapt the cryptocurrency to be mined.

A design inspired by Tresorio's branding

A resolutely modern design inspired by the Tresorio logo in the shape of a hexagon to remind us that this is a French innovation.

Digital energy is our future!

The price of energy is a determining factor: fossil fuels are still widely used today. However, their cost is variable and resources are not inexhaustible. To protect against these changes and preserve the environment, it can be very interesting to increase energy independence by using recovered energy. Using the waste heat from digital technology can also free you from the cost of traditional energy sources and make significant savings while helping to preserve the environment.

Jonathan KLEIN, President and co-founder of Tresorio, says: "While the energy consumed by this type of project is perceived as a new form of pollution, thanks to MinIT, we are not only allowing our customers to heat themselves but also to be compensated for it, while minimising their carbon impact. The current climate and energy crises require us to think about the way we consume. Thanks to our unique technologies, digital heat is finally being made useful and fighting, in the real world, against fossil fuel dependency while helping to preserve the environment."

Digital energy generates value: while individuals have not been able to appropriate this value until now, cryptocurrency mining is becoming the first mainstream use case.

With MinIT, Tresorio provides an answer to the challenges of the digital age by offering a green infrastructure and limiting the carbon footprint of mining and heating. For Tresorio's customers, it is a new source of recovered energy that helps reduce the carbon footprint of home heating.

Price and availability

  • Selling price: from €15,600 including VAT

  • 3 models available with a hot water storage capacity of 100 to 140 litres.

  • Minit is on sale via the website

  • Available in the European Union, Monaco, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

About Tresorio

After launching one of the first Cloud Mining services in Europe, Tresorio, a company founded in 2016, has developed expertise in distributed infrastructure, liquid cooling, waste heat recovery and virtualisation. TRESORIO deploys its own distributed Cloud infrastructure in the heart of cities, consisting of micro data centres acting as boilers for their hosts, and operates it via its cloud computing platform. Since its inception, Tresorio has been putting digital technology to work for the common good and laying the foundations for a more efficient and responsible digital world.



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