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New : Store your data securely in the Cloud from €8.99 per month

Tresorio launches a new cloud storage service allowing you to store all your files, alone or with others, from 8.99€ per month.

Store your data, organize your files and share them with your colleagues, friends or family members.

So what do we store at Tresorio?

You can store a multitude of files in the cloud, such as your holiday photos, business documents or music library.

When creating your storage space, you can choose the size of your space (up to 20TB per storage space) and the number of people to share it with (up to 50 people per storage space). And that’s it! Simple, isn’t it?

On top of that, we offer you a personal storage space of 50GB to store whatever you like. For example, if you use our 3D rendering services or our virtual machines, you will find your 3D renderings and backups of your machines in your personal space.

What is a terabyte?

Generally, the storage of our devices today is displayed in megabytes or even gigabytes. So what is a terabyte of storage? The size of a file depends on several factors, such as the complexity of the file and its quality. One TB is 1000 GB, which is equivalent to over 7 million PDF documents or over 30,000 minutes of HD video.

You want to make backups of your social networks and you don’t have any more space to store them on your computer, right? A backup of an Instagram account weighs about 173 MB, so you can fit 5780 Instagram backups into 1 TB. A backup of a Facebook profile weighs about 5 GB, so you can store 200 Facebook backups in 1 TB. Music in Wav or Aiff format will be much heavier than music in MP3 format because the quality of MP3 music is much lower. The same applies to photography and video formats.

The advantages of storing your data with Tresorio

Security: your stored files are encrypted, duplicated and distributed across our network of mini data centres.

Sovereignty: At Tresorio, you retain ownership of your data and have the ability to know where your data is stored.

Eco-responsibility: Thanks to our DigHeat™, 100% of the heat generated by the storage of your data is transformed into hot water and heats buildings.

S3 compatibility: Our storage service is S3 compatible. Please contact us if you need your API keys.

How much does it cost to store at Tresorio?

You pay for the size of your storage space and the amount of people you share your space with. Subscriptions are now available for our storage service. You can commit for 3 to 12 months and choosing when you pay (monthly or in advance). Also, any advance payment will give you a 5% discount on your invoice.

For example: for an individual 1TB storage space, it will cost you €8.99 (excl. tax) per month if you commit for 12 months and pay in advance.

How does storage at Tresorio work?

Yes, storing your files in the cloud has never been easier! Want to get an overview of our storage spaces before you take the plunge? Check out our tutorial there.

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