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How The AEternals generated its NFTs while reducing its carbon impact with Tresorio

Let's start with the problem

The AEternals is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that gives you access to the #Ecoverse

Due to their metamorphic nature, from a technical standpoint, each item contains 3 stages of evolution in its metadata that will be revealed through interaction with their game and cause. This means that they have 30,000 images in total to render in 3D...

To render 30,000 images, the use of an average US datacenter would have generated 48 tons of CO2.

With The AEternals' goal of protecting and preserving the Amazon, also known as the lungs of the world, it was necessary for their process to align with and reinforce their mission. That's why we partnered with them, to provide the infrastructure and software needed to build the first sustainable and carbon-efficient NFT collection.

Thanks to DigHeat, our self-contained, eco-responsible datacenter that recycles 100% of the heat generated by the servers into hot water, The AEternals' 3D renderings would help heat hospitals, and social housing.

To put this in perspective, rendering 10,000 NFTs with a single GPU would have taken 38 years. Now, with Tresorio's DigHeat network, it will take 122 days and produce over 40,000 hot showers for public housing!🚿

If these showers were actually heated with natural gas, approximately 23T of CO2 would have been generated by the existing boiler.

For the exact same project, the old world would have generated a disastrous 𝟳𝟭𝗧 of CO2, and would need to plant 3350 trees to be fully absorbed.

Tresorio thus saves The AEternals' #Ecoverse 64T!!! 🌳

Not only have we helped them significantly reduce their CO2 emissions, but also become the first eco-responsible NFT collection on Ethereum. On top of that, they are dedicating 1% of secondary sales to purchase carbon credits, uncapped, in perpetuity.

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