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TRESORIO and REEMO join forces to launch their Cloud PC

Tresorio et Reemo le cloud PC français

Tresorio has partnered with Reemo to provide you with a solution for high performance remote access to your virtual machine so that you can now play your games, code, draw and work on your heaviest software.

Reemo Who?

Reemo is a French low latency, high performance remote access solution compatible with Windows and Linux. With Reemo, you can easily and securely access your remote PC wherever you are, whatever your device, from your web browser (like Netflix, but for your PC this time): you have no browser plugins to download, no tinkering with your firewall, it’s easy to use, and only a video stream passes: it’s pure and simple streaming!

Reemo any device

Behind Reemo is a high performance streaming technology that reproduces live and in ultra high definition the screen of your remote computer directly from a Chrome browser. And as Reemo has developed this expertise in transporting encrypted pixels, security is at its peak.

What are the advantages of this French synergy?

Our Cloud platform allows you to very easily order a Windows / linux virtual machine with GPU adapted to your needs and powerful enough to run all your software.

To allow you to take advantage of the full power of Tresorio machines, we have integrated Reemo into our platform because their high performance streaming technology allows us to offer you:

  • An incredible browsing experience in your Tresorio virtual environment from a simple Chrome browser .

  • Ultra-smooth working comfort, even in 4G, with the management of multiple tools locally. Your microphone, camera, graphics tablet, multiscreen are all recognized by Reemo and can be used on your applications in your Tresorio virtual machine.

  • Direct and universal access to your VM regardless of the terminal used. All you need to do is open Chrome on any screen connected to the internet, log into your Reemo account and you are back to your Tresorio VM.

You get it, forget about traditional remote access tools (RDP, SSH, VNC) and use Reemo, for an unrivaled immersive remote work experience.

By going through Tresorio to use Reemo, you are opting for an eco-responsible solution. The more you use your virtual PC, the more you contribute to heating the buildings in which our micro data centers are installed. Find out how in this article dedicated to our eco-responsible infrastructure.

Who is the solution for?

We have joined forces to offer you a turnkey VDI experience that is easy to use, powerful and accessible to all.

Perhaps, are you in one of the following cases:

  • Do you have an obsolete stationary PC or just not compatible with the software you need?

  • Your computer hardware is not powerful enough to support your online games or your 3D software?

  • You are designer, architect, student and you use very heavy software like AutoCAD, Indesign, Sketchup, Archicad, TVpaint, Maya… and you want to have access to it from home on your personal PC / Mac?

  • Do you use our Blender add-on and want to access your tailor-made rendering farm from your virtual PC?

Then the Tresorio x Reemo solution is for you. Dive into the cloud and streaming era of your digital environment!

Discover our tutorials

The TRESORIO x REEMO solution is available for your Windows virtual machines

The TRESORIO x REEMO solution is available for your Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora) virtual machines

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