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TRESORIO raises €480,000 to accelerate its development

Press Release – 07/24/19

Since 2016, Tresorio has focused on making digital heat useful by changing the data center paradigm. After being one of the first European players in Cloud Mining, Tresorio is developing its Fog computing platform based on a distributed and eco-friendly infrastructure.

Tresorio designs micro data centers acting as digital boilers, capable of recovering, storing and reusing 100% of the heat produced by around twenty computer servers to heat the buildings that house them.

Because they are compatible with domestic hot water networks, Tresorio digital boilers can be placed in residential buildings, aquatic centers, hospitals or factories. A hospital and a factory in the Grand Est region were each already equipped with a pilot digital boiler during the pilot phase of the project. Tresorio has just finalized the development of the new version of its digital boiler, and intends to deploy it on 135 sites in Europe by 2023, including three in France by the end of 2019.

All this computing power will be available through the Tresorio platform, in order to facilitate developers’ access to IT resources and encourage the emergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence, Ray Tracing (allows to reproduce as faithfully as possible light path in a 3D environment) or Cloud Gaming.

Tresorio has just finalized a funding round of € 480,000 with two operating companies from the Deret FD group, NCT and EM2S38, Sistema Strategy, Unico Partners and private investors. This lifting is intended to accelerate the deployment of its network of digital boilers. It will also allow an enrichment of its Cloud platform for new uses in anticipation of its commercial launch, via a strengthening of its investments in R&D and the recruitment of new technical profiles in the coming months.

Specialized in the national and international transport of radioactive materials, two companies of the Deret FD group, NCT and EM2S38, concerned about respecting the environment, find in their participation in Tresorio a logic in their common approach to carbon offsetting. “We appreciate the creation of a cloud based in France and the innovation which consists in recovering heat from servers” declares Elodie Navet, D.A.F of the group Deret FD Emmanuel GARAMPON Deputy CEO of NCT.

Sistema Strategy is developing a new business blockchain development consultancy offer. The model of distributed and responsible infrastructure developed by Tresorio is a centerpiece for us. This allows us to provide our customers with greater security by deploying their data across a multitude of sites. As the Tresorio infrastructure is perfectly suited to our blockchain projects, it will be brought to the forefront in Sistema’s business” underlines Franck Seimann, President of Sistema Strategy.

François Mirigay, founder of Unico Partners said “we are delighted to support Tresorio in the development of a solution at the crossroads of useful and exciting fields: energy transition, smart buildings, fog computing, data science, AI, blockchain, … Solution orchestrated by a talented team eager for challenges. This investment perfectly enriches our portfolio which brings together high quality entrepreneurs around high impact projects.

TRESORIO, a Fog Computing platform to facilitate the work of developers and foster the emergence of Smart Cities. TRESORIO wishes to offer a disruptive solution on the Cloud services market.

Faced with the growing number of connected objects and the phenomenal amount of data generated, it becomes imperative to create a distributed and local infrastructure capable of processing information at the edge of the network. Processing this data locally improves cloud performance by limiting storage and bandwidth requirements. In order to allow as many people as possible to exploit this tsunami of data, Tresorio is developing products that facilitate the execution of tasks that consume computing power (3D rendering, training of artificial intelligence.).

This second fundraiser will allow us to start marketing our product and continue to structure our team to meet growing demand in France and Europe” said Jonathan Klein, co-founder and CEO of TRESORIO. “We are delighted to have received the confidence of investors with complementary profiles, whose experience in key sectors will offer us the best chances of success. Thanks to our technology, we have the capacity to offer a quality, resilient and equivalent service to all our users, regardless of their location, while heating the buildings that surround them. Our ambition is to build an innovative cloud infrastructure, integrating harmoniously into Smart Cities, but also to democratize access to computing power.

About Tresorio

After having launched one of the first Cloud Mining services in Europe to around a hundred customers in 18 countries, Tresorio, a company founded in 2016, has developed know-how in distributed infrastructure, liquid cooling, recovery of fatal heat and virtualization. TRESORIO deploys its own cloud infrastructure distributed in the heart of cities, made up of micro data centers acting as boilers for their hosts, and operates it via its Fog Computing platform. Tresorio’s mission is to create a distributed, local and responsible computing market.

About NCT & EM2S38 (Deret Group)

Recognized specialists in the transport of radioactive materials for more than 20 years, the companies NCT and EM2S38 are active in the transport of radioactive and nuclear materials in France and abroad, the sale and maintenance of containers (multifunctional packaging, management of fleet), industrial logistics (supplies, stocks, flow management, shipping, loading) and a technical design office (engineering, container design, stowage, industrial tools)

About Sistema Strategy

Sistema Strategy is an information systems (IS) strategy consulting company based on IS governance and the urbanization of the information system since the end of 2003. To do this, Sistema Strategy helps clients to make their business more flexible thanks to the concept of service-oriented architecture (SOA), the service bus enterprise and service architectures.

About Unico Partners

Unico Partners is a venture capital company created in early 2019 by entrepreneurs wishing to support startups and SMEs, particularly in projects with societal and environmental impact. Unico offers invested companies the transdisciplinary experience of its founders (technology, digital, business development, operations, financial engineering, HR, etc.) as well as their network of decision-makers.

Fundraising advisors

  • Agyl Capital – Aude Walter :

  • L Consulting Partners – Long Liu :


Pauline Leg – +33 (0)6 48 13 56 12

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