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Tresorio: the green alternative that meets the challenges of new digital technologies

Le système Tresorio

The current climate context forces us to become more aware of the environmental impact of our computer systems, especially the cloud. Data centers are known for consuming a lot of energy, both by their power consumption and their cooling systems. Even if they are still essential, they are not an ecologically viable solution. This question of digital pollution is becoming a major issue for companies as well as for private individuals who need to pay a real attention to their environmental footprint.

After launching one of the first Cloud Mining services in the world and being aware that there is an important need for computing power, we are now focusing on Cloud Computing.

Our ambition is to position ourselves as an accessible, eco-friendly and innovative alternative, facing the dominant players of our sector. We are working daily on the development of greener technological solutions for the environment.

A patented eco-friendly micro data center concept

In partnership with Dalkia Group, we have patented an eco-friendly micro data center concept, made of last generations servers (CPU/GPU), called DigHeat.

By working like a boiler, this micro data center retrieves, stocks, stores and reuses 100 % of the heat generated by the servers that we rent via our platform.

A second data center has been installed at the Continental factory in Sarreguemines (France), where the heat produced by the servers is recycled to heat the water used to make tires. A residential building will soon be equipped. We therefore bring the computing power the closest possible to users and contribute to create a new source of recovery energy accessible to all types of buildings.

A zero waste solution that values a green energy

Our infrastructure concept allows you to reduce considerably the energy consumption by valuing a waste energy produced locally, and at the same time by doing your bit for the planet. Thanks to the technology and the intensity of computations that never stop, the water temperature is maintained at more than 60°C.

This solution has the advantage of being eco-friendly since it values an unavoidable energy (the heat produced by the servers) and replaces fossil fuels such as gas, fuel, or coal, which are polluting and whose prices evolution cannot be controlled. Following the same approach, we have developed a partnership with BNP Paribas 3 Step IT to optimize the use of our computing equipment and give them a second life by recycling them.

By multiplying micro data centers close to people who need computing power or virtual machine, our distributed data center concept becomes more resilient, stable and powerful. This innovation allows us to reduce the risks linked to centralized data centers, by offering a more stabilized service and a better energy management.

A precise evaluation of your environment and energy footprint

At a time when environmental responsibility is a major challenge in our society, companies need to adapt their computing equipment and processes to adopt eco-friendly practices. The pollution caused by our digital activities makes our cloud users more aware and willing to find new eco-friendly solutions.

Thanks to the sensors equipping every DigHeat and to our monitoring solutions, Tresorio cloud users and the DigHeat company hosts have access to energy data that helps them optimize their carbon footprint.

By hosting a DigHeat, you will be able to monitor in real time your hot water consumption. Tresorio users will also have full access to their statistics on rented services, electricity consumption and heated water.

Our eco-friendly innovations help companies as well as private individuals to develop their projects. At Tresorio, our users have access to a greener Cloud and companies hosting a DigHeat can take advantage of a green heat. This is an essential mix to answer tomorrow’s smart cities’ challenges.

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