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Secure and redundant storage

We have based our storage service on an object storage solution.  Object storage was developed to solve the problem of storing very large volumes of data in a scalable way. It sits at the base of all storage services  clouds  and at the heart of all services that provide unstructured data (audio services, video-on-demand services, photo services, etc.).

With Tresorio, take advantage of S3 compatible, secure and redundant storage to store your data. Your data is encrypted and distributed across multiple servers to ensure maximum availability and security. With our distributed storage technology, you can locate your data and backups. So you have full control of where your data is stored. 

Associated services

S3 Protocol Compatible

We are using  an open source object storage server, compatible with the Amazon S3 protocol, to facilitate your migrations.

Data location

Our infrastructure is geo-distributed and you can locate your data.


We assure you that your data will be accessible at all times.


By multiplying the instances  in order to distribute the load, we limit  risks of data loss and other unavailability.

Our storage technology

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