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The distributed and responsible infrastructure model developed by Tresorio allows us to provide our customers with greater security.

Frank Seimann

The Cloud that engages you

What if we told you that by using our Cloud services, you produce digital energy? Thanks to DigHeat, our eco-friendly data center, all the digital heat you produce is recycled to heat hospitals, social housing, and even our own offices!

The future of cloud
is already here!

Tresorio is the eco-friendly and affordable alternative for all your compute-intensive tasks and projects!

Do you lack IT resources? Do you want to host your data securely? Train artificial intelligence? Accelerate 3D rendering or even play from a virtual PC? With Tresorio, the cloud is finally accessible to everyone!

Solutions for all your projects!

Whatever your need, we have a solution for you! No need to be a computer genius to be efficient.

Our technologies

Our products

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